Thermal Design and Inter-Chassis Airflow

Amplifier Board Cooling

PA cooling design has been optimized to provide maximum airflow directly at the FETs and heat spreader cooling fins, followed by an immediate exhaust path by way of our custom designed wide exhaust duct near the center of the amplifier chassis. Our heat spreader consists of a block of Alloy #110 copper with 99.9% purity, custom CNC'd for our PA board with .400" thickness, interfacing with an extruded aluminum fin block.

Power Supply Cooling

The 3 kW switch mode power supply (SMPS) employs its own independent, temperature-controlled cooling system utilizing (2) fans. We have designed separate power supply intake & exhaust ducting which allows cold, non-contaminated air to reach the SMPS intake on one side of the amplifier, and hot exhaust air to exit the chassis on the opposite side. The power supply ducting was designed to accommodate either side or bottom intake & exhaust paths, or both.

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