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1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty and Repair Information


This limited hardware warranty is effective as of the invoice date of the original purchase. Limited hardware warranties and manufacturer support for Dedicated RF, LLC (DRF) products apply only to the original owner unless a Warranty Transfer agreement is purchased from DRF directly. Any product that has been returned for service that is out of warranty or has had its warranty voided is subject to a (1) hour diagnostic bench charge at the rate of $75 per hour. This rate is subject to change.
Prior to sending in a product for service, it is recommended that DRF is contacted for support, as many issues can be easily resolved prior to sending the product in for service. If the issue still cannot be resolved, contact DRF to request an RMA number and shipping address for return authorization, providing the serial number of the amplifier.

What is covered:

During the first one (1) year after the invoice date of the original purchase, DRF will fully repair or replace defective product or components at its discretion. Any replacement hardware parts will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period, or ninety (90) calendar days beginning on the date of installation or repair, whichever is longer. Purchaser pays inbound shipping to DRF, after obtaining an RMA number and shipping address for warranty repair. DRF, after repair or replacement, will pay return shipping costs to the country of original purchase.

Who is covered:

This limited hardware warranty covers the original owner of the DRF product as disclosed to DRF at the time of the original purchase. If, at the time of purchase, the purchaser provides DRF with no information stating the owner will be anyone other than the purchaser, it is assumed the purchaser is disclosed as being the owner. DRF products may be transferred by the original purchaser to a third party (the owner), either by sale, gift or other method at the time of purchase, at no charge. If the DRF product is being purchased indirectly for a third party (the owner), the third party's name and address must be provided at the time of purchase to ensure warranty coverage. Owner information, if other than the purchaser, which is not disclosed to DRF at the time of the original purchase, will not be covered by this warranty.

What is not covered:

This limited hardware warranty, as it pertains to the product components only, does not cover repair, damage or misalignment, as deemed by DRF, caused by (1) misuse, negligence or user modification, (2) any performance malfunctions involving non-DRF accessory or connected equipment, (3) damage to any accessory or connected equipment, including cables and connectors, (4) connection to an improper
or unstable power supply, (5) improper execution of hardware calibration or test routines, (6) the incorrect installation of any and all cables connected to the product by the user, (7) the use of 3rd-party software applications or hardware that directly or indirectly control product functions and/or operating states by utilizing a communication or control protocol other than those provided by DRF directly, or (8) acts of nature such as flood, fire, water, weather related storm, lightning or electrostatic discharge damage.

Limitation of Incidental or Consequential Damages:

This limited hardware warranty does not extend to non-DRF equipment or components used in conjunction with, or connected to our products. Any such repair or replacement is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or owner. DRF shall not be liable or responsible for any special, indirect
, incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to any loss of business or profits, loss of property, loss of revenue, loss of use, loss of data, inconvenience or cost of unauthorized service.

Warranty Transfer

Warranty transfer is available for owners of DRF amplifiers who are those other than the original owner. Purchasing the warranty transfer will transfer the remainder of the warranty period to the new owner. The warranty period start date will be determined by the invoice date of the original purchase. In all cases, the end date of the warranty period is one (1) year after the invoice date of the original purchase. The cost of the warranty transfer is $50.

Date of Manufacture:

The date of manufacture of DRF products is contained in the serial number on each unit, and includes the four (4) numerical digits immediately following the "DRF" prefix designator. The first two digits of the manufacture date are the month of manufacture (01-12) and the second two digits are the year of manufacture. For example, if the manufacture date serial information is "0915" the manufacture date of that unit is September 2015.

Repair / Alignment Service:

Our basic repair and alignment charge for non-warranty service is $75 per hour, subject to change, plus shipping. If you wish, you may set a limit on the repair charges, and we will contact you when that point has been reached prior to proceeding further.

Shipping Instructions:

Important: You must contact Dedicated RF before shipping us your product.

Contact us to obtain authorization for the return, what address to ship to, and for current information on repair rates and turn around times. In the future, we may have repair location(s) that differ from our main location, and we will provide the shipping address at the time of repair authorization. Shipments shipped to the factory without authorization will incur an additional shipping charge for re-shipment from the factory to the repair location.

Place the unit in a plastic bag to protect the finish from dust and abrasion. Use the same box and packing materials the product was originally shipped in from the factory. If these are no longer available, use a sturdy box with a minimum of 3" of dense foam on all sides of the product. Do not use shredded paper or packing peanuts. Install all internal components, metalwork and fasteners prior to shipping. Seal the box with reinforced tape. Include insurance when shipping.

With the return shipment, please include the following:

Your name and callsign
Shipping address
Phone number
Email address
A complete description of the problem

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