A little about us

Dedicated RF (DRF) was founded in 2011 by Daniel Simmonds, KK3AN, in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Prior to this, Dan was known for being the owner & manufacturer of the popular AN Wireless tower series, a company which he founded in 2001, that manufactured self supporting towers for Amateur Radio operators initially, and later spreading into the commercial and government sectors, with over 600 tower installations worldwide.

In the development of the i6 amplifier, DRF partnered with a Utah-based team of fourteen (14) Industrial RF, Hardware, Electrical, Software and Mechanical engineers to conduct research and development on a new high-end, high-power linear RF amplifier, using MOSFET finals with improved ruggedness, a completely new user interface approach, a clean & modular internal layout, advanced protection features, and general build quality common in high-end equipment, with meticulous detail to fit and finish.

DRF is proud to stand behind our superior quality HF/VHF amplifiers which are fully designed, assembled & supported in the US.

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Dedicated RF, LLC