The new 

HF / VHF linear RF amplifier utilizing improved-ruggedness N-Channel MOSFETs

Over 6000 hours of deep engineering has produced a truly world-class RF amplifier
which references traditional SS amplifier vocabulary, while being highly modern and
customizable to individual operating interests by employing a user interface with
unparalleled personalization in both appearance and capability.

 A Refined Linear Amplifier

   1.8-32, 48-54 MHz Coverage

1500w SSB/CW Output at HF

   (6) Improved Ruggedness FETs

Large-Volume PWM-Controlled Fan

90-260 VAC Switching Power Supply

Band Changes via Cable or RF Sense

Fast QSK & Shut-Down Protection

100% US Designed & Assembled        

 A Revolutionary User Interface

   7" Capacitive Touch Screen Local UI

Tablet / Smartphone Driven over WIFI

   Apple / Android Device Compatible

   TCP/IP Communications Compatible

   Remotable using HTML5 over Ethernet

   Fully User-Customizable Menu System

   Firmware Updates Downloadable

   Read / Reset Faults Remotely

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